Top 5 tips for looking after your mental health

We all lead busy lives and can often put our mental health on the back burner. After all, we can’t see it or feel it the way we can a broken arm or a swollen knee. But just like physical health requires attention and care, mental health does too. So here are our top 5 … Read more

Acute Injury Clinic

OSSEM Acute Injury Clinic

Following a sport filled weekend, we have made acute injury clinic appointments available today. Please give our friendly reception team a call. #CairnsSportsMedicine #InjuryClinic #OSSEM



What great weather we have for this weekends Triple R event! The OSSEM team wish the participants all the best. Our very own Dr Mike Reid will be taking part. Say hi if you see us supporting him from the sidelines. #reeftoreefmtb #mountainbiking #FNQsport #OSSEM

Pace Project

pace project

OSSEM are extremely proud to sponsor the amazing Pace Project. Two time Olympian Jill Boltz has grown this local running programme which in turn has opened up opportunities for kids to compete at state and national level. Kids from Pace have gone on to gain scholarships to school and international universities. Good luck at The … Read more

Excess weight or Obesity?

OSSEM Obesity

Between 2017- 2018, an estimated 2 of 3 Australians over the age of 18 were overweight or obese. That is approximately 12.5 million adults. We know that excess weight is a risk factor for many diseases and chronic conditions. These include cardiovascular disease, asthma, musculoskeletal problems such as knee, hip and back pain, chronic kidney … Read more

Cairns 70.3

What a fabulous day at Cairns IronMan!! A beautiful day in paradise. It was great to see Cairns bustling again. Thank you to all the volunteers, cheer squad and support crew. Well done to all the competitors who got out there and had a crack!

We are challenging you!


We are challenging you to make on small change to help improve your overall wellbeing. From a daily walk, a swim or a cycle… there are many simple ways you can contribute positively to your long-term health.  

What is Osteoarthritis?

It is the most common chronic joint condition and often described as the ‘wear and tear’ of the joint. It is characterised by the damage of the cartilage, deterioration of the tendons and ligaments, bony spurs forming around the edge of the joint and inflammation of the joint tissue. It is most often found in … Read more

Are you having surgery in the near future?

Are you having surgery in the near future? Now is the time to get Fit4Surgery! Enhance your surgical outcome by optimising your health before your operation. Speak to one of the OSSEM doctors today to have a Fit4Surgery prehabilitation plan put together, personalised for you. We will address: – existing medical conditions such as diabetes, … Read more