Optimise your performance

OSSEM - Optimise your performance

      Our doctors understand the demands that sport puts on your body and want to work with you to overcome injuries and optimise your performance. We deal with all musculoskeletal problems, nutrition, asthma in sport, injury prevention, weight loss and exercise prescriptions. Call us today 07 4242 1444

Acute sports injuries

OSSEM is now offering same day appointments for acute sports injuries. Our in-house Sports Doctors can assess, arrange imaging and onward referral to Dr Mike Reid (Orthopaedic Surgeon) as needed, all in the one day. If you are prepping for an upcoming sporting event, don’t let an acute injury interfere with your sport.  Just contact … Read more

OSSEM Sport in Cairns

Cairns punches above its weight with sporting events.  Hopefully COVID will not prevent the reinstating of most of the sporting events in Cairns.  These are the big events in our diary and there will be representatives from Team OSSEM at all of these events….see you there! In May we have The Great Barrier Reef Games … Read more

Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain is a common complaint to physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, GPs and sport physicians.  With the Cairns IronMan and Cairns Marathon going ahead this year, we are all getting our trainers on and hitting the streets and trails for some training.  There are very few runners out there who haven’t suffered from the dreaded … Read more

Bone Stress Injuries

Stress reactions and stress fractures are one of those heart sink injuries for all athletes. These injuries commonly present with localised pain and tenderness over the fracture site.  This presentation will often coincide with a recent change in training such as an increase in intensity and load.  Stress fractures can theoretically occur in any bone. … Read more