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There is huge evidence in support of optimising your health prior to orthopaedic surgery.  At OSSEM we start by recommending the following 4 steps:

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma are addressed, and treatments optimised.
  • Speak to us about psychological support. With additional training in Focused Psychological Strategies, we can coach you individually or link you with a psychologist here in Cairns.
  • Getting your nutrition right before your orthopaedic surgery is very important for the healing process. But also, losing weight if you need to will help your recovery.  Dr Lynne Reid will work with you to meet your goals.
  • Lifestyle modifications including cutting down on alcohol consumption, stopping smoking and undertaking regular physical exercise in the run up to your orthopaedic

These interventions directly impact the outcomes of your surgery and can benefit everyone in every age group.  Studies suggest up to a 50% reduction in postoperative complications, a reduced readmission rate and maintained positive lifestyle changes.

​For you this could be a reduced length of stay or avoidance of complications such as infections, blood clots or heart or respiratory problems. Your  journey will be smoother if you are optimised before you start.

​International experts recognise that your hospital stay will be reduced for hip and knee surgery by taking part in a prehabilitation programme. The recommended best practice is individualised treatment for every patient and 6 weeks before surgery is the optimum time frame.  International expertise can be delivered here in Cairns, so that you get the best outcome.

Speak to one of the OSSEM doctors today to find out more about our Fit4Surgery prehab optimisation programme.