Did you know that netball is the highest participated team sport for females in Australia?


In Australia more than 410,000 people play netball, and it is the highest participated team sport for females. The game features high intensity short sprints and agility movements, jumping, landing, passing and catching. Given the nature of the game, high injury rates are common.

Knee injury and ankle sprains are the highest medical attention injury in netball players. Foot blisters and low back pain are also common. To help prevent these injuries, we recommend the Netball Australia ‘KNEE program’. Available on the Netball Australia website, this program focuses on injury prevention. It covers warm up, strength, balance/ landing and agility. It is also available from junior through to elite levels and is recommended to be completed twice a week for maximum effectiveness.

So no matter if you are a coach, support staff, parent or athlete, this program is designed to keep players moving well on the court and prevent them being sidelined by injury. As always, if you have an injury or niggle, please make an appointment with one of our Sports Medicine Doctors today.


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