OSSEM - Useful information for GP’s and patients

For GP’s: 

Dr Mike Reid wants to deliver the best care for patients and the GP community in Cairns.  At OSSEM we know that GPs are increasingly busy, and we want to work with you to make sure your patients get the best care possible.  We will never chase you for an updated referral or send you “please follow up these results”, or “please arrange xyz tests”.  Instead, we will manage everything and return the patient to you with a comprehensive clinic letter and sensible discharge summary.  Mike’s wife Lynne Reid (a local GP) is helping Dr Reid run the clinic.  Together they aim to work with patients and GPs to offer a streamlined approach and great access to specialist care.  We pledge to work closely with local GPs, be available on the phone for doctor-to-doctor advice and make your life as easy as possible.

Referrals via:
Medical Objects
HealthLink (ID: orthssem)
Fax: 0742421445

Or just give us a call: 0742421444

For Patients:

We want patients to really experience a different level of care.  Dr Reid will provide an individually tailored, patient centred model of care.  We will work with you and your referring doctor, to give patients the seamless care they deserve.  If you have an acute injury, we can facilitate an in-house referral from one of the GPs in our team who will personally liaise with your usual doctor to make sure they are fully aware of the care you have received. 

With in-house GPs available, we can see patients urgently without a referral. We will always complete a thorough summary of patient care to be returned to the patient’s usual doctor.  This means you can see a surgeon quickly, without a referral but maintain the important relationship you have with your own doctor.  So, if it is a Saturday morning soccer injury or a weekend warrior that is struggling with knee pain, give us a call and we will fit you in for an assessment and get you on the road to recovery.

For Physiotherapists:

We accept referrals directly from physiotherapists to streamline access to a consultant opinion and appropriate imaging such as MRIs.  We are committed to working closely with our physiotherapy colleagues and will communicate all findings and suggested treatments to you and the patients usual GP.  We do not replace the patient’s usual doctor but can facilitate rapid access to our clinic, via our OSSEM GP team.  We will then liaise with both the physio and patient’s GP to make sure that everyone is kept in the loop.

For Emergency Department & Out of Hours GP providers:

We will happily take referrals straight from ED colleagues (nurses and doctors).  If there is an acute injury that can be managed in the community by one of our GPs or a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, we will aim to see same day and arrange appropriate investigations, treatment, and follow up.  The hope is that we can take some of the burden off of ED and treat more acute musculoskeletal injuries in the community.  This includes fractures, ACLs, meniscal injuries, sprains etc.  Let us know how we can help.  We work on weekends and evenings too.

Contact details:
Tel : (07) 42421444
Fax : (07) 42421445

We are also on Medical Objects and HealthLink