Gold / prayers / 2018 / Blade

June 17, 2018

May Your will and my will
	Be in absolute alignment

May my success be abundant
	But not excessive
May the rewards feed me and my family
	My crew, and their families, too

May I continue to be treated
	The way I should be
May You in accordance show me
	The things I need to change

May I never go into debt
	Knowing full well its scourge and burden
May my efforts be organic and just
	Yielding Your essence and prestige

May You show me the way towards
	The way away from Evil
May this world know
	More Light

May You bless my endeavors
	And undertakings
May I aspire for the righteous
	And true

May I continue to resolve into You

May my health continue to be
	Excellent and Enduring
May the ones I know also partake
	In such blessings in magnitude

May my schedule be
	Consistent and efficient

May my efforts promote and improve
	My county, state, country
And, of course, Your World

May the partnerships I form
	Be legitimate and beneficial
May I know the time to
	Do so

May my patience and faith
	Be strong and resolute
Knowing the right and righteous decisions

May I recognize the ones that
	Challenge my efforts
And bless them accordingly

May all my relationships
	Know Love and Courtesy

May I never have to curtsy