Tin / prayers / 2018 / Pair

January 20, 2018

To Apollo, the god of strength and truth, from whom I learned the power of taking quiet solitude and the well-rounded value of keeping a well-formed opinion to one’s self. From a great many precepts, you taught me how to find and discern the many sides of an issue, while reserving judgement for only when it is absolutely required. To you, I am indebted to learning patience and fortitude, to understanding the harmonious workings of nature and man, and to keeping such courtesies within the realm of my consciousness. Only there do they find life and are free. In your wisdom, I find my truth, and for this I express my profound gratitude.

To Dionysus, the god of ecstasy and wine, who taught me how to bare my soul upon barren darkness, and to live in this world without self-imposed or otherwise described boundary or duty. To you, I owe the gratitude of understanding chaos and its meaning within this precisely measured yet grim reality, decorated plainly in deception and fear. I have learned to live soundly and safely in your abode, embracing the joy of the dark wilderness, where you comfortably reside. From you, I have learned to question appearances that seem properly alive on the outside, to find them smacking of void death on the inside, and to fully appreciate the balance found in such raw accord. In your darkness, I am alight, and for this I express my profound gratitude.

To my gods, I pray now for protection and esteem. If you may, continue to cultivate a sense of gratitude in me for all things here and present. Ward me away from wading into the future or into the past, where only suffering and waste are to be found. May your challenges only strengthen me, and may I recognize them when they are presented. May I serve you well and know you better through them, and may I represent you rightly and with honor to my peers and strangers alike. May I continue to yearn for your hidden wisdoms and may they be brought to bear with enrichment and proper understanding.

For my friends past and present, may they too be under your guidance and mercy. May they embrace their paths before them with peace and resolution. May we grow closer to you and, as such, to each other, while striving to understand this realm and its many fraught manifestations. And may you be there to guide us, and to present us with care and calm direction when we fall astray. May we safely find our way back into the ranks of your desired hallows, free from this realm’s danger and callousness. Most importantly, under your wise and sound predilections, may we all successfully identify and integrate resolutely with your multitude of opposites, becoming one, and returning whole into your sacred realm, renewed only with the truth, strength, and power that you so wantonly desire for us.

In all of this, I humbly request and pray in the spirit of serving you and others within your domain. May the time doing so reflect and carry the eternal in your names.