I am preparing for surgery

Prehabilitation is an important part of the surgical process, yet many patients are not fully aware of the benefits that it can offer. Prehabilitation is a program of exercises and lifestyle amendments that are tailored to each patient. The program aims to help the patient be in the best physical and psychological state before surgery.

Smiling middle aged male and female riding bicycles surrounded by trees in a park. Prehabilitation has been shown to improve surgical outcomes, including reducing the risk of complications and length of hospital stay. It can also help to speed up the rehabilitation process following surgery. Prehabilitation is most effective when it is started 4-6 weeks before surgery, but it can still be beneficial if commenced 2-3 weeks prior to surgery.

Prehabilitation has many benefits, both for the patient and the surgical team. Prehabilitation can:

– Improve the overall health of the patient
– Reduce the risk of complications during surgery
– Improve the success of the surgery
– Speed up the rehabilitation process following surgery
– Reduce the length of hospital stay

We explore all aspects of your health prior to surgery:

– Nutrition
– Exercise
– Smoking cessation
– Weight loss
– Stress reduction
– Healthy sleep patterns

Dr Lynne Reid and Dr Mike Reid take a multimodal approach to personalised prehabilitation. This may include exercise to improve overall fitness (for better cardio-respiratory and muscle function), optimising your nutrition, stopping alcohol consumption, cessing smoking and improving your mindset.

Preoperative education is also an important part of the process, as it helps to reduce anxiety and improve understanding of the surgical process.

If you are scheduled for surgery, we recommend talking to us about starting a Fit 4 Surgery prehabilitation program. It could make all the difference to your surgical outcome.

Please read more about our Fit 4 Surgery program.