Surgery symbol

This page helps you understand the process that leads to the surgery and help you prepare yourself

PATIENT ADMISSION FORMS – Please refer to your confirmation letter for
instructions relating to your admission forms.

PRE-ADMISSION CLINIC Please contact the Cairns Private Hospital on 40525128 at your earliest convenience to make an appointment to attend the pre-admission clinic TWO WEEKS PRIOR to surgery. Take the completed admission forms along with your medical history (from your GP) and medications list to this appointment.

X-RAYS – If you have been issued with x-ray films for the area of the body that is being operated on, please take these to the hospital with you (including any MRI, Ultrasound and/or CT scans).

BLOOD TESTS – If you have been asked by the doctor to have bloods done prior to surgery, these will need to be done no earlier than 1-2 days prior to your surgery date.

MEDICATIONS – We recommend that you contact your GP to discuss any medication you are currently taking. You may need to cease taking some medication for a period of time prior to your surgery.

PRE-PAYMENT – Pre-payment of your total surgery fee, as per your quote, is required by no later than 7 days prior to your surgery to confirm your booking. Please contact our office to arrange payment.

SURGERY PREPARATION – It is a requirement that you wash on the morning of your surgery with a medicated soap. This can be purchased from a chemist or supermarket. Also please ensure that all nail polish is removed prior to admission to the hospital or day surgery.

FASTING – Refer to the Preoperative Fasting handout from Cairns Anaesthetic Group for fasting instructions.

POST-SURGERY AIDES – If you require any post-surgery aides, please ensure that these are organised prior to your surgery date as you will need to take these with you to the hospital or day surgery. Please speak to our staff regarding what you will need.