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June 16, 2018

With the monitors flickering upon his nearby, dark environment, Ron then wondered further that if the very reality that he is currently experiencing now is indeed a simulation of some sort – with technology accelerating at a seemingly accelerating rate – would it eventually culminate in the ability to accurately reflect the reality that Ron was in now?

The idea struck Ron. Is the reality that Ron finds himself in now a result of jumping into a technology or program that started in the same way as he is currently experiencing? That is, was Ron presented with the choice to jump into the life he is experiencing now, and he chose it rather than to end the prior domain altogether by way of not selecting this one? Further, is this a choice that he took himself rather on his own volition than by some external “God force” that somehow banished or punished him for some spiritual misgiving?

If so, how many times has Ron jumped back into this technology to continue this same story with different “acts?” Is the goal to continuously jump into the next “act” as it were to see if the same life or soul source can be reborn for as many times as they choose? When the soul has chosen not to step into the next “act,” is this strange and seemingly senseless experiment over?

Ron struggled to explore this notion, but pushed forward. Quantum computing would soon be prevalent. Is the purpose of quantum computing to create the gateway for jumping into this next “act” of this grand alien, Shakespearean play? Is Ron now contributing towards the software that perhaps might be used to create this gateway?

Is Ron now, in fact, working toward saving his own soul from the result of his current efforts?

Ron mused. If he was saving his own soul, then how many times has he done this to keep his soul “alive?” If he is the one that continues to jump back into this domain countless times, then is he himself that spiritual “God force” or force that is, in fact, punishing himself?

Ron stumbled further, if he is the one that continues to jump back in here into this technology countless times on his own accord, could it be that Ron is, in fact, spiritually addicted to this realm?

“OK, enough questions,” Ron thought as he took another swig of his pitch black coffee.

“It’s time to work.”