brass / words / 2008 / Peace

October 3, 2008

The Guides

Circle in the gas

                The helium


And circles

                Circling us

                In this spin.

In this circle.

                They circle us.

                The guides.

The gods guide the guides.

Sun drips through. And these


The voices.         Hear them.

Voices through the gas.


                Over and over.

These guides hear us.

                Hear what they write.

                Circles and circles.

Scribbles and scribbles.

                Years and years.

                They gain us.

They gain it.

                Over and over the guides are.

Somewhere in here.

In this ether.



                Here in the ether.

Hear them.

                Hear them

Here in the ether.

                Over and over.

They are under

                Plato's Spell.