Lead / words / 2012 / Beach

April 24, 2012

Chipper chapper.
Let’s stop this right here.
Isn’t this the same as the last?
	Twelve hours at a time is a long time
	To read minds.
Isn’t it nice to be around people again?
	To what end?
		What’s your purpose.
			To me,
			Everyone Is poetry.
			Dancing energy.
			Your spirit is captured in me.
You’re keeping note of names, I like that.
Letters, spelling.  A nice chat.  On a sunny afternoon.
				The 10:10 would appreciate that.
Let’s see.  We have people here who are friends but are marked as restricted instead.
What’s the story you’re trying to tell.
	Let’s get it over with.
		The Christ seed lives in everybody.
		It’s in you.  It’s in me.  It’s in every body.
								Right here.  Right now.
					He has a new style on him.
					He dances peace on stem.
					He dreams a place amoung them.
						Careful now, these virgos will cast a spell.
The churches we know are a stone’s throw.
When these stones are thrown the truth is told.
					Do you want the hint or the mint”?
				The mint is fine of course but a better recourse is your fire corner.
I’m watching the clock here.  The noon is near.
			Others watch us.
			Others want us.’;’
OK.  Would you like a bitch-slap to the face, and if so, is the slap a centerfold?
	Why the race?  Why the face?
The face is fine on a dime.
	Dance with us.. 				
							Is that a safe phrase?????
The time is a mime on a sign.
The time is mine and I preclude your effervescence.
					Something I s not right here.
						These theories…..
					Not what they seem.
				I hate when I say that.
		Wellll, last on our mind..
	DUDE!  Check out these lazers…
The agenda.
	The last on my mind is a separation between the two.
Sucks to be you.\
The honeydew upon your firestarter.