Lead / words / 2014 / Please

May 2, 2014

She breathes in my opposite
Counterbearing to my darewit,
She billows in gallows far from me.
And I, in esteem, carry streets of dreams
Collective arms and nations.  Breathe.
I am the ends of me. D96
Premonitions are not unlost.
We peer into the sanctuary.
We are in the posthaste mortuary.
Songs are written, foes are beaten.
Adversaries tell the tale, warriors ring the bell.
Short-timers sell, Cretans foretell.
An ocean for a lover, 
Conscious compromise.
	Be wise.
Twice wise, pre-surprise.
There is no slavery to sell, none to underscore.
Your free-mind is space.
Like a click.
Reasons within territory.
Can they come close to me.?
Me time.  So fine in the ice.
As long as you are fine.
We’ll keep the stars on for you.
Is it something you said?”  Is it something i?
Flail on the rewind.
Play with me.