Gold / words / 2018 / Light

May 19, 2018

Strung along gilded hopes
And dreams and visions of past

There is some angel in these eyes (and the Bright)
           Reigned for days by spells and lies 
Oh, these broken, jeweled moons
          No no, it’s far too soon (the move)

Yes, I have shed the Dark and the Shadow.
          And on the Straits, I crucified Her on the gallows

Somewhere beyond Golgotha and Gomorrah
She hung high and seaside
          With four others, screaming wide

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” (I awake and am Woke)

Perched atop the rocks in that simple Darkness
          She will hang there with them, for us.

I have shed the Dark.
          O, how those scales now glisten in Bright.

Now in Your stead, I reclaim the blade and span
          To scorch the wicked, to light the land.

Visions and birthrights! Namesakes and undertakings! Claim us!
Bless us! Blessed be my friends. Guide us back unto You.
          Lead us safely back unto Your grace and countenance. And mercy, too.