Tin / words / 2019 / Heart

January 28, 2019

It seems so long ago
Yet yesterday

All the way from the dusk
and dawn and dusk again

The moon and alleyways

Walking past 
That police car, and trying 
my best
	to look
		n	o	r	m	a	l

And then you entered
As a Shamaness
	A fortuneteller
And spoke to me
In Truth and Majesty

In plain words
And riddles, too

Yes, we spoke in two planes
	That night

In the real and 
In the surreal (visceral)

The problems in the village
Were the problems in me

... and ...

No, I didn't go on to handle myself 
	very well, at all
It was not a proud moment 
		(yet one I own)

But You.

And your words.
		(Your subtle puzzles)
Rang clear.

They never left.

Oh, the village still has its troubles
And they are indeed my own


They perhaps now lack
The authority and gumption
That once made them so imposing
	And impossible.

And so to you, my dear friend
	My brave, daring, strong 
May the time we missed
May the time we fly 
	and dine
Prepare us for the time
That we may commune
	And impart
	And depart
		Once again
		(Yet again)
Into Our Sacred Mind's Eye